A selection of podcast episodes I hosted while at Archinect, from One-to-One (interviews) and Archinect Sessions (news discussion). The interviews attest to the diversity of avenues of architectural and urbanist practices, while the news discussions focus on the multivalent implications of architects’ role in society and politics.

Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin discusses his rocky relationship with Donald Trump
Kamin’s relationship with Trump is rife with personal and professional ups and downs. Just three weeks before Trump won the election, Kamin shares his experience with the developer-politician.

One-to-One with Michael Kimmelman, architecture critic for the New York Times
Kimmelman had just published a multi-media piece for the Times, incorporating binaural audio of architectural spaces. We spoke about the limits and reaches of architectural criticism in an uncertain publishing landscape.

A chat with Bjarke Ingels at the opening of BIG’s “Hot to Cold” exhibition
“Hot to Cold” at Washington, D.C.’s National Building Museum examines architecture along a global climate spectrum, featuring BIG’s work as case studies.

One-to-One with Martino Stierli, MoMA’s chief curator of architecture and design
I spoke with Stierli during MoMA’s renovation, when anxieties were circling that the redesign would compromise the architecture and design galleries. Stierli settled some nervous rumors and discusses the future of the museum’s historic department.

Who’ll win the 2017 Pritzker Prize? Just ask a psychic.
I literally asked a psychic who’ll win the Pritzker Prize, arguably architecture’s biggest and most prestigious award.

One-to-One with architect Steven Holl
Light, mentors, art and brain science.

Y Combinator’s urban techno-suprematism and the new Trump presidential era
Recorded right after the 2016’s Presidential election, we discuss the problematics of start-up urbanism and how the President-elect is poised to take part in it all.

One-to-One with architect Kunlé Adeyemi of NLÉ
We spoke about Adeyemi’s work in Lagos, Nigeria, and how water and rising sea levels worldwide influence his practice. Recorded live at AIA Tennessee’s convention, August 2016.

Martha Thorne, executive director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, gives us an inside look at the prestigious award
Chilean architect Alejandro Aravena won the 2016 Pritzker Prize for his work with socially-conscious public housing projects. He also served on the Pritzker’s jury for many years up until 2015, provoking discussions of nepotism.

One-to-One with Elsie Owusu
At the time of our interview, Owusu was caught up in a legal battle with the Royal Institute of British Architects, whom she alleges passed her over for an earned position because of her race. We discuss the controversy and diversity issues in architectural practice.

Latent Complexity: Denise Scott Brown and Katherine Darnstadt
These leaders in architectural equity share their experience with place-making and practice.

One-to-One with Scott Merrill, winner of this year’s Driehaus Prize
What would you do with a $200,000 architecture prize?

Patrik Schumacher on Zaha and what’s next for the firm
After Dame Zaha Hadid passed away at the beginning of 2016, we spoke with her long-time partner and provocateur at Zaha Hadid Architects, Patrik Schumacher, about her legacy and his plans for the firm as its new leader.

One-to-One with Craig Dykers and Elaine Molinar of Snøhetta
A look at the inner-workings behind one of today’s most creative architecture practices.

Texas’ new campus carry law prompted Architecture Dean Fritz Steiner to resign. He joins us to discuss the law’s effect on architecture education
Now that students can bring guns into architecture studios, many faculty members are not only concerned about safety, but about the efficacy of a critique environment where such powerful weapons are allowed.

Due Protest: pushing back against HB-2 and fighting for interns
Since North Carolina passed the controversial bill known as HB-2 at the end of March—requiring transgender people to use bathrooms that coincide with the sex listed on their birth certificate, and forbidding city or county legislatures from passing counter-measures that protect against LGBT discrimination—the state has lost an estimated $40 million in business investment. AIA’s South Atlantic Region (including Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina) announced on April 25 that it would no longer hold its September conference in Wilmington, NC. We discuss architects’ role in the controversy.

Brexit means Brexit: architects Rob Hyde, Katy Marks and Mark Middleton on how Brexit could change UK-architecture (and how architects could change Brexit)
Brexit proceedings continue to disrupt the UK economy, and architects often play that canary in the cole mine. Shortly after the “leave” vote won, we discussed how practices will need to adjust.