Selected Clips

Writing on art, architecture, and urbanism from the recent past:

Places Journal, “The Art of Public Service” (December 2017). How Frank Pick brought art, beauty and identity to the London Underground.

Curbed, “Why we can’t rely on Metro’s countdown clocks” (September 21, 2017). The tech behind Metro’s ETA displays, and what compromises those estimates.

Curbed, “How Metro is responding to LA’s homelessness crisis” (September 20, 2017). Historic homelessness in LA County requires a creative approach with nontraditional tactics — and Metro is uniquely positioned to help.

The Atlantic’s CityLab, “What L.A. Can Learn From Its Failed Experiment in Legalized Street Vending” (June 26, 2017). A look at the short-lived legal vending district in 1990s MacArthur Park, as a cautionary tale for today’s regulators.

Curbed, Chicago Architecture Biennial, in second act, will tackle architects’ roles in a frayed society” (April 20, 2017).  Interview with co-artistic directors and architects Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee.

Hyperallergic, “The Unsettling Implications of the American Institute of Architects’ Memo Supporting Trump” (December 1, 2016). Report on the AIA’s controversial endorsement of President-elect Donald Trump, and the ensuing backlash within the architecture community.

A+U, “The Kappe Residence: Hillside Pragmatism” (April 2016). A column on the historical and contextual significance of Ray Kappe’s personal home. Print only.

Journal of Urban Design and Mental Health“The future of applied neuroscience research in architecture education” (2016 : 1). How increasingly advanced brain-computer interfaces are teaching architects to see a whole new side of the built environment.

More writing from the more distant past:

The Los Angeles Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, self-published (April 2014). Multi-authored culminating text from participation in the Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture/Urbanism, Shenzhen, China, 2013-2014.


The East Bay Express, “No Names, More Noise” (January 16, 2013). A profile of the West Oakland Noise Collective, a burgeoning group of co-operatively inclined experimental musicians.

From Archinect:

Inside Pamphlet: How one of the most enduring experimental architecture publications got its start: A look at the life of Steven Holl’s small but mighty zine.

Beatriz Colomina on “Playboy Architecture” and the masculine fantasy: The exhibition showcases Playboy‘s role in raising the cultural profile of midcentury modern architecture and design.

The humanity of the Chicago Architecture Biennial: Review column on the inaugural Biennial of 2015.

What makes an artless museum?: A critical tour of Los Angeles’s Broad Museum, before it opened.

Home is where the art is: Contemporary Artists and the Modern House: An exhibition at Richard Neutra’s VDL House dressed the interiors in contemporaneous Cold War-era furnishings from the Soviet Union, provoking discussions of how architectural form and history inform one another.

AfterShock #4: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Neuroscientific Architecture Research: Column on the efforts by neuroscientists and architects to study the brain’s spatial understanding.


Older pieces:

The Hellacious Screen – film

The Daily Californian – visual arts, film, music

Hawkmoth – science and scientists