The Insistent Danish Pig

Pork Memoirs is, according to its website:

“An ongoing story project about pork and identity, and how our choices surrounding the pig often reveal our cultural backgrounds and worldviews… These personal memoirs explore the struggles and celebrations of our often complicated relationship to the “other white meat.” Whether the pig nourishes us, taunts us, delights us or grosses us out, these stories offer a snapshot of how we, as pork eaters and non-pork eaters alike, choose to assert our identity in this modern world.”

Read mine here, excerpted here:

“This deeply rooted yet very un-picky relationship with pork and dairy leads to modest (some might say low) expectations of Danish home cooking. Because of this, it was even more important that the meal that Anders and I cooked for his parents be spectacular and a bit exotic, without condescending to the traditions of the older generation. Somewhere between carnitas and Oscar Mayer.”